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The interplay of dietary intake and nutritional status is complex, especially in the context of ageing, illness and inflammation. Our department conduct high quality clinical trials of sustainable protein or amino acid-based interventions, such as leucine, or derivatives of the branched chain amino acids, in healthy populations (including athletes) and clinical cohorts such as in oncology and critical care. Body composition analysis and assessments of physical function allow us to look beyond weight as the sole marker of nutritional status, and consider the mass and function of muscle and adipose tissue compartments, and their impact on health.

Our department hosts a variety of clinical research projects in this area, and we have expertise in CT and ultrasound body composition analysis, DEXA and more traditional forms of nutritional assessment, as well as physical function assessments and stable isotope tracer methods for assessment of protein metabolism. We also conduct non-interventional studies across clinical disciplines, considering the emerging role of prehabilitation alongside traditional nutritional support and rehabilitation.