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The ReSpect Lab, led by Professor Francesca Happé, comprises researchers and postgraduate students actively engaged in researching autism across the spectrum and lifespan. We are based at the SGDP Centre, and use a variety of methodologies and approaches with the aim of increasing understanding of strengths and difficulties in autism, to improve the lives of autistic children and adults. 

Current projects include a focus on traditionally under-researched groups, notably women and girls and older adults on the autism spectrum. Mental health and wellbeing are a major topic, with ongoing work on compensation and camouflaging, as well as anxiety, and PTSD. We have strengths in experimental cognitive approaches, and the design of new tasks to tap how social information is processed. We welcome contact from early career researchers interested in applying for fellowships to come and join the ReSpect Lab. We are also always pleased to hear from autistic people and their families who are willing to help with our research studies in a fully participatory framework.