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The Santos group is led by Professor Alexandra Santos

Alexandra leads a research programme on food allergy, which combines clinical and laboratory research, and aims to:

  1. improve the accuracy and safety of food allergy diagnosis;
  2. explore the immune mechanisms underlying food allergy and oral tolerance in IgE-sensitised children, in order to identify new targets for a definitive treatment of food allergy;
  3. understand the biological basis and the impact of food allergy on cognition and mental health.

Current Students

PhD Students

  • Dr Ru-Xin Foong (Clinical PhD)
  • Jana Ilangovan (MRC DTP Programme)
  • Vikki Houghton (Wellcome Trust Neuroimmunology Programme)

MSc students

  • Maggie Tang (MSc Women and Children’s Health)
  • Marilena Nicolaidou (MSc Immunology)

Current lab team, from left to right: Zainab Jama, Vikki Houghton, Alex Santos, Jana Ilangovan and Matt Kwok.

Santos lab

Current and past clinical team members, from left to right: Marta Krawiec, Faye Harrison, Harriet Woodhead, Alex Santos, Kirsty Logan, Ru-Xin Foong, Joanna Craven

Santos Group Clinical Team

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