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The Sensory InPuts lab, led by Dr. Nicolaas Puts, is based at King’s College London and focuses on measuring the behavioural, physiological, and clinical response of human to different types of sensory information in children and adults with and without neurodevelopmental conditions.



The mission of the Sensory Inputs Lab is to investigate how our brain processes sensory information, how cortical processes relate to our behavioral perception of sensations, and how this leads to our externalized behaviors in health and disease. The lab has a specific focus on neurodevelopmental conditions. The ultimate aim of this work is to identify specific sensory differences that may lead to better stratification of neurodevelopmental conditions and subsequent biomarker development.

Research Themes

The Sensory InPuts lab has several general lines of research which are often combined in individual projects.

  • Measuring Sensory Function
  • Sensory Processing in Neurodevelopment
  • MR Spectroscopy
  • Affective Touch

 More information on the lab can be found here: