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SoBigData RI Preparation Phase Project (PPP)

The SoBigData RI Preparation Phase Project (PPP) is the preparatory phase of the SoBigData RI in the ESFRI RoadMap 2021. The SoBigData RI PPP will advance the RI from simple awareness of ethical and legal challenges in social mining to the development of concrete tools that operationalize ethics with value-sensitive design, incorporating values and standards for privacy protection, fairness, transparency, and pluralism.

We will be taking steps to establish the UK node of SoBigData, ensuring increased opportunities for trans-European research on the cross-disciplinary dimensions of social data.

Project status: Ongoing
Logo_SoBigData PPP_Mark Cote

Principal Investigator


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Funding Body: Horizon Europe

Amount: £182,272

Period: October 2022 - September 2025