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The Social Responses to Stigma study will explore experiences of stigma and discrimination amongst people who are homeless in south London, and then seek to understand how this stigma is created, mediated or mitigated within particular care and support systems and social contexts.

The methodology is an ethnographic case study of the south London care and support system and its social context. The study will use a range of methods for data collection: interviews with people who are homeless, delivery stakeholders, and policy makers; a survey of peoples’ experiences; observation within selected care sites; and gathering of documentary sources. The study will be ongoing from 2022 until January 2025. The project is funded in two phases, with potential to extend the study by a further three years, to January 2028.

The results of the study will inform the design of a novel intervention strategy to address the social dimensions of stigma. Subject to additional funding applications, the intervention strategy will be piloted and evaluated from 2025 onwards.

The study results will be disseminated through scientific publications, public reports and a range of public and policy engagement activities.

Our Team

The project is led by a team within KCL: Andy Guise, Simone Helleren and River Ujhadbor. Core collaborators with the King’s College London team are Dan Bleksley (Groundswell), Martin Burrows (Inclusive Insight), Martin McCusker (Lambeth Service Users Council) and Matt and Jess Turtle (Museum of Homelessness). A study advisory group with a range of experts from south London also helps direct and oversee the work.

Group lead

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King’s College London,
Guy’s Campus,
London, SE1 1UL