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SUPPORTED: a study of the role of homecare workers in delivering end-of-life care


This study focuses on the largely overlooked, but critical, role of homecare workers (HCWs) in caring for people at the end-of-life (EoL). While often poorly trained and supported, HCWs provide essential care at home for people at end-of-life, as well as important support for their carers (family and friends), and often work alongside other health and social care providers.

The overall aims of the SUPPORTED study are to improve the quality and sustainability of person-centred end-of-life care by HCWs through training, skill development and empowerment, and to inform employment practices, commissioning and policy. This will be achieved through separate, and linked, work packages which will explore the experiences and needs of HCWs and the views of homecare clients and carers (families and friends who provide care and support), and other health and social care staff about the HCW role, including identification of good practice; to identify training gaps and needs for HCWs; to identify ways to include and support HCWs within the wider care team around the client/carer.

Full title of study

SUPPORTED: Supporting, enabling and sustaining homecare workers to deliver end-of-life care: a multiple-methods community-based case study


This study is funded by the National Institution for Health and Care Research, Health and Social Care Delivery Research Programme. Project number: 135128.



Research team

  • Professor Miriam Johnson; Professor of Palliative Medicine, University of Hull (Co-PI)
  • Professor Liz Walker; Professor of Health and Social Work Research, University of Hull (Co-PI)
  • Caroline Norrie; Senior Research Fellow, King's College London
  • Dr Cat Forward; Research Associate, King’s College London
  • Dr Jane Wray; Director of Research / Senior Lecturer in Nursing, University of Hull
  • Ms Caroline White; Research Associate in Social Work, University of Hull
  • Dr Alison Bravington; Research Fellow, University of Hull
  • Dr Mark Pearson; Reader in Implementation Science, University of Hull
  • Dr Paul Taylor; Senior Clinical Lecturer, University of Sheffield
  • Ms Helen Roberts; Patient and Public Involvement Coordinator, University of Hull
  • Dr Jamilla Hussain; NIHR Clinical Lecturer, University of Hull
  • Mrs Joan Bothma; Cera Care, London

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Project status: Ongoing