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Supporting carers following the implementation of the Care Act 2014: Eligibility, support and prevention


The Care Act 2014 gave carers in England new rights to assessment of their needs and clarified their entitlements to public care and support. It aimed to make support for carers more consistent and accessible. The study aims to investigate whether and how these aspirations are being achieved, and which strategies are most effective.


2016 – 2019

Research Team

Jo Moriarty and Jill Manthorpe (SCWRU), Jose Luis Fernandez (Principal Investigator), Martin Knapp and Nicola Brimblecombe (London School of Economics)


Department of Health, Policy Research Programme


This study will use a mixed-methods approach to analyse both individual and area-level data, engaging with carers throughout. First, we will carry out a mapping exercise and evaluation of the ways local authorities identify, assess and support carers. Next, we will analyse statistics to identify the relationships between local carer-support patterns and characteristics. By doing this we will be able to explore how the Care Act has impacted on local carer support. Based on this work, we will work in five different local authorities to acquire more in-depth data about carer services.

Findings and Outputs

End of project report (2021)


The study findings will inform practitioner and policy communities. It will provide key evidence for the implementation of the Care Act 2014 and will assist policy makers understand how local authorities are addressing the ‘great expectations’ of the Act for carers, and will provide evidence to policy makers, commissioners, managers, and practitioners in different sectors. Ultimately, this should improve the quality of life of carers and care users.

Project status: Completed