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SINATRA: Susceptibility of catchments to INTense RAinfall and flooding

Flooding from intense rainfall (FFIR) has caused widespread disruption and damage right across Britain over recent years, but the processes governing its probability, incidence and impacts are poorly understood.

The SINATRA project is supported by a £2.7million consortium grant from NERC’s Flooding from Intense Rainfall Programme.

Led by project director, Hannah Cloke from Reading University, the project assembles a multidisciplinary team of world-leading experts from King's, Reading, Bristol, Newcastle, Hull, and Exeter Universities, as well as private sector partners Halcrow and JBA and a host of public sector research organizations including the Flood Forecasting Centre, Met Office, Environment Agency, and Health & Safety Laboratory.

A full list of SINATRA project partners and researchers can be found here.


Project SINATRA aims to advance scientific understanding of the drivers, thresholds, and impacts of flooding from intense rainfall in Britain and to translate this small-scale process understanding into new open source model architectures and parameterisations to enable the development of decision-support tools, improving the capacity of forecasting agencies to deliver impacts-based warnings and predictions needed for managing Flooding From Intense Rainfall. 

Project status: Completed

Principal Investigators


Funding Body: Natural Environment Research Council

Amount: £328,996

Period: January 2013 - December 2017