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The Csikász-Nagy group investigates the dynamics of cell to cell interactions and molecular regulatory networks by computational systems biology techniques. We build mathematical models that capture the dynamics of the molecular networks which regulate the cell cycle, cell polarity and cell growth in yeast cells. Use these models as a basis to investigate the orthologous systems in higher eukaryotes (plants, mammals). On a higher level, we build models of the cell to cell interaction networks to investigate how local extracellular signals influence tissue topology. We merge these in multi-scale models that capture the behaviour of individual cells and their local interactions with neighbouring cells.

Csikasz-Nagy group

(Left) Protein-protein interaction network of the cell cycle (red), cell polarity (blue) and cytokinesis (yellow) regulators in fission yeast. We investigate which proteins are important to link these functions. (Right) Positive and negative feedbacks between the key regulators of cell cycle regulation in budding yeast cells.

Current PhD students:
Mr Rowan Howell
Mr Gregory Szep

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