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Theoretical Particle Physics & Cosmology

The research focus of the TPPC Group is on tests of new models of particle physics beyond the Standard Model, including supersymmetry, large extra dimensions and strings. These tests include collider experiments, indirect and direct dark matter searches, and the particle physics of the early universe ranging from inflation to theoretical models of quantum gravity.

Our research focuses on:

• Particle physics beyond the Standard Model

• Dark matter, cosmic rays and astro-particle physics

• LHC physics

• Supersymmetry breaking in particle physics and in low-dimensional gauge theories with applications to exotic quantum phases in condensed matter

• Dark energy

• Inflation and cosmic defects

• Brane-world cosmological models, with an emphasis on their phenomenological predictions

• Quantum Gravity and its consequences for particle propagation in terrestrial and astrophysical experiments

• World-sheet logarithmic conformal field theories and their applications in string theory and condensed matter physics

• Loop Quantum Cosmology

• Phenomenology of Non-Commutative Geometry

• Non-perturbative aspects in Field Theory

• Applications of field theory to biophysical problems including speech

We receive support from the European Research Council Advanced Investigator Grant 267352 to John Ellis, with Nick Mavromatos as co-investigator.  We also receive support from the STFC.

Group leads


John Ellis

Clerk Maxwell Professor of Theoretical Physics


Nick Mavromatos