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The Theoretical Particle Physics and Cosmology Group (TPPC) in the Physics Department of King’s College London has grown over the past two decades to become the leading particle phenomenology group in London and one of the more prominent UK centres for particle phenomenology internationally.

Our profile is quite diverse: we prioritise quests for new physics beyond the standard model and have fully embraced all new experimental and observational perspectives on the field. The research goals of the group involve devising both theories and experimental tests of new scenarios beyond the standard model physics, ranging from particle physics phenomenology at colliders through particle astrophysics and cosmology to gravity. More often than not, members of the group develop new techniques to shed light on big problems, rather than looking for problems to solve with a fixed set of techniques. Taking this approach we naturally embrace inter-disciplinarity while the central goal of all our efforts remains to address the big problems in particle physics and cosmology.

The aim of the group is to cover an arc of activities stretching from particle physics at colliders through other laboratory techniques, astroparticle physics and gravitational waves to astrophysical constraints on theories. At the core of all our activities are particle physics theories beyond the standard model, and our sincere hope is that by applying many different probes and techniques to particle physics, we will be able to understand and tackle many of the important questions in science.