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The Trusted Autonomous Systems Hub pulls researchers from computer science and engineering together to develop the trustable autonomous systems of tomorrow. Our vision for such autonomous systems is that they are capable of reasoning and planning, they are safe and secure, they efficiently integrate in human-autonomous systems teams, they rely on wireless communications and they might have physical embodiment as robots or intelligent sensors, they interact with humans, they are accountable for their behaviour, hereby allowing users to place their trust in them.

Research Questions

The objective of the Trusted Autonomous Systems hub is to advance the state-of-the-art in trustworthy autonomous systems and accountable human-autonomy teaming. The multi-disciplinary team of computer scientists and engineers investigates key research questions, including:

  • What are the technical challenges involved in an effective and reliable autonomy?
  • What are the technical challenges involved in creating trustable systems for decision making in human-robotic teaming?
  • What are the technical challenges in creating multi-robot teams and designing human-robot interaction?
  • What are the key factors, opportunities and risks for robotics and autonomous systems operating in challenging environments?