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The Wargaming Network is a research group within the School of Security Studies that aims to advance the theory and application of wargaming as a method of inquiry and as a method of learning and teaching. The Network builds on a rich history of King’s wargaming activities. It serves as a hub for the growing community of King’s students and staff studying, researching and applying wargames and simulations that go far beyond just modelling war and conflict across domains such as land, sea, air, cyber and space but also politics, business and health to name a few. The Network seeks to engage and convene world-class wargaming scholars, practitioners and emerging talent.

The King’s Wargaming Network was founded by Professor Philip Sabin, Ivanka Barazashka, James W E Smith, Dr Aggie Hirst and Anna Nettleship in 2017.

In line with King’s 2029 Vision, the Wargaming Network seeks to: 

  • Educate to inspire and improve by advancing and democratising wargaming education.
  • Research to inform and innovate by developing wargaming as an academic discipline.
  • Serve to shape and transform by applying wargaming to generate and deliver big ideas in service to society.

The Wargaming Network engages in five types of activities:

  • Convenes public lectures and workshops.
  • Enables King’s faculty, staff and post-graduate student research.
  • Trains rapporteurs and analysts for analytical wargaming.
  • Supports the testing and execution of wargames for King’s faculty, staff and partners.
  • Organises networking events.

King’s Wargaming Network supports the Wargaming Master’s module at King’s. Doctoral supervision is also supported by various members of staff. Please contact Department Staff about doctoral supervision or visit the main War Studies webpage to find out what wargaming education is available at King’s.

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