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Women and Children in Conflict

Women are at disproportionate risk of adverse health and social outcomes when faced with complex emergencies and conflict. In humanitarian settings, the provision of health care is largely focused on reproductive, maternal, newborn, and child health (RMNCH).

Initially, the Soteria Initiative will be focused on RMNH, with the later addition of child health once the Initiative is established. The majority of emergency response unit (ERU) clinical and administrative personnel working in complex emergencies and conflict areas have minimal expertise and practice in dealing with RMNH issues. This becomes a problem when rapid, evidence-based decision-making is required in settings where women and children often present in extremis.

Therefore, we are working on solutions to offer clinicians user-friendly, real-time guidance and will inform administrative staff about performance and RMNH outcomes, with associated low-cost diagnostic tools. We propose digital solutions based predominantly on existing decision algorithms currently available only in printed form; we envisage digital health solutions and guidance that are not predicated on prior expertise, complemented by innovative devices and tools designed to solve specific clinical challenges faced by colleagues in the field.

Project status: Ongoing
SubSaharan Health

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