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Women Leaders in Health and Conflict

The Women Leaders in Health and Conflict (WLHC) initiative is a group of aspiring and established experts working within the conflict and health domain in various countries. We are working together to build a sustainable platform to address significant challenges and opportunities for women’s leadership in the conflict and health sector. Our vision of is to achieve gender equality in leadership in health in conflict-affected settings to support the health and wellbeing of all individuals affected by armed conflict. Women are disproportionately affected by armed conflict and humanitarian emergencies. Yet, women are also increasingly at the forefront of improving health for conflict-affected populations through service delivery, education and capacity strengthening, advocacy and research. They have made important contributions to health system development, improving evidence and humanitarian interventions as well as in uncovering human rights abuses, highlighting the detrimental health outcomes of marginalised groups, and bringing vital knowledge and intervention gaps to global attention. 

WLHC is a collective effort responding to the growing grass-roots demand from women based in conflict-affected regions around the world to improve health of conflict-affected populations. WLHC adopts a unique position within the broader global movements working towards gender equitable leadership; focusing on a sector that is under researched and under resourced given the complex political, security and research environment the sector is positioned in. Although there are significant barriers preventing more women from taking up leadership roles across the conflict and health sector, there is also a wealth of opportunities. A core objective of this initiative is to develop a diverse network that effectively translates research into practice by working in close collaboration with academic partners, NGOs, humanitarian practitioners and policy makers.

Additional Members

Dr Neha Singh, Co-Director of the Health in Humanitarian Crises Centre


Health in Humanitarian Crises Centre, LSHTM

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Opportunity amid Challenge: Youth-led COVID-19 Research in Sudan

Project status: Ongoing

Principal Investigators