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Conflict, Security & Development Research Group



Atrocities & Violence in Conflict

  • Jana Krause, ‘Revisiting Protection from Conflict-Related Sexual Violence: Actors, Victims, and Power’. in: Gizelis, T-I. and L. Olsson (eds): Gender, Peace and Security: Implementing UNSCR 1325. (Routledge, 2015).

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Disarmament, Demobilisation and Reintegration (DDR)

  • Mats Berdal & David H. Ucko, ‘Introduction to the DDR Forum: Rethinking the Reintegration of Former Combatants,’ International Peacekeeping, 20:3 (2013).
  • Kieran Mitton, Where is the War? Explaining Peace in Sierra Leone’, International Peacekeeping, 20:3 (2013).
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  • Stina Torjesen & Prof. S. Neil MacFarlane, 'R before D: the case of post conflict reintegration in Tajikistan', Conflict, Security & Development , 7:2 (2007). 

Peacekeeping & Peacebuilding

  • Mats Berdal & David Ucko, 'The Use of Force in UN Peacekeeping Operations: Problems and Prospects, The RUSI Journal, Vol. 160, Issue 1, 2015.
  • Mats Berdal & David Ucko, 'The United Nations and the Use of Force: Between Promise and Peril', Journal of Strategic Studies, Vol. 37, Issue 5, 2014.
  • Dylan Hendrickson, Security Sector Reform and Burma’s Political Transition, Report commissioned by the UK Stabilisation Unit, Feb. 2014.
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  • Sarah von Billerbeck, “Guinea: An Island of Stability?” Georgetown Journal of International Affairs, Issue 7.1, Winter/Spring 2006.

Policy Briefs


The Politics of Repression

  • Steven heydemann and Reinoud Leenders (eds), Middle East Authoritarianisms: Governance, Contestation, and Regime Resilience in Syria and Iran, (Stanford University Press: 2013)
  • Reinoud Leenders, “Prosecuting Political Dissent: Courts and the Resilience of Authoritarianism in Baathist Syria,” in: Middle East Authoritarianisms: Governance, Contestation, and Regime Resilience in Syria and Iran. (Steven Heydemann and Reinoud Leenders, eds). (Stanford University Press: 2013).
  • Steven Heydemann and Reinoud Leenders, “Authoritarian Learning and Authoritarian Resilience: Regime Responses to the 'Arab Awakening'”, Globalizations, Vol. 8 (5), 2011, 647-653. 
  • Steven Heydemann and Reinoud Leenders, “Authoritarian Learning and Counter-Revolution,” in: Marc Lynch (ed), The Arab Uprisings in Comparative Perspective, (Columbia University Press: forthcoming).
  • Reinoud leenders, “How the Syrian Regime Outsmarted Its Enemies”, Current History, (December 2013).
  • Reinoud Leenders, “The Onset of the Syrian Uprising and the Origins of Violence,” in: Politics in the Developing World. (Vicky Randall and Lise Rakner, eds). (Oxford University Press, new edition: forthcoming)
  • Reinoud Leenders, “Strong States in A Troubled Region: Anatomies of a Middle Eastern Regional Conflict Formation,” Comparative Social Research, special issue on State Failure and Regional Security, Vol. 27, 2010, 171-196.

Power after Peace: The Political Economy of Post-Conflict International Statebuilding


  • Mats Berdal and Dominic Zaum, eds., Political Economy of State-building: Power After Peace. (Abingdon: Routledge, 2012).
  • Christine Cheng, Post-Conflict Transitions and Extralegal Groups. (Under contract with Oxford University Press).
  • Sarah von Billerbeck “Aiding the State or Aiding Corruption? Aid and Corruption in Post-Conflict Countries,” in Christine Cheng and Dominik Zaum (eds.), Post-Conflict Peacebuilding and Corruption: Selling the Peace?, London: Routledge, 2011.
  • Christine Cheng and Dominik Zaum, “Corruption in Post-Conflict Transitions and the Role of Natural Resources” in C. Bruch, W.C. Muffett, and S. Nichols, Governance, Natural Resources, and Post-Conflict Peacebuilding (forthcoming, Routledge).
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  • Mats Berdal and David Malone, eds. Greed and Grievance: Economic Agendas in Civil Wars (Boulder, CO: Lynne Rienner Publishers, May 2000)

 Women, Peace and Security
  • Jana Krause, ‘A Wealth of Expertise and Lived Experience: Conversations between International Women Peace Activists at the ‘Women Lead to Peace Summit’ preceding the Geneva II Peace Talks on Syria, January 2014’, International Feminist Journal of Politics, 17:2 (‘conversations’ article), (with Cynthia Enloe), 2015.
  • Jana Krause, ‘Gender Equality and Post-Conflict Reconstruction: Revisiting Gender Mainstreaming in Research and Policy’, in: Gizelis, T-I. and L. Olsson (eds) Gender, Peace and Security: Implementing UNSCR 1325. Routledge, (with Theodora-Ismene Gizelis) 2015.
  • Funmi Olonisakin, Karen Barnes and Eka Ikpe (eds), Women, Peace and Security - Translating Policy into Practice (Abingdon: Routledge, 2010).

Conflict, Security and Development: Identifying Gaps in Policy & Research

  • Ken Menkhaus, ‘Vicious circles and the security development nexus in Somalia', Conflict, Security & Development, 4:2 (August 2004).
  • Neil S. MacFarlane, 'Security and development in the Caucasus', Conflict, Security & Development, 4:2 (August 2004).
  • Olivier Roy, 'Development and political legitimacy: the cases of Iraq and Afghanistan', Conflict, Security & Development, 4:2 (August 2004).

Other Publications

  • Domitilla Sagramoso, Russian Imperialism Revisited
    Neo-Empire, State Interests and Hegemonic Power
    (Routledge, forthcoming).
  • Catherine Scott, State Failure in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Crisis of Post-Colonial Order (I.B.Tauris, 2017).

  • Oisin Tansey, 'Evaluating The Legacies of State-building: East Timor in Comparative Perspective', International Studies Quarterly, Vol. 58, No.1, 2014.
  • David H. Ucko, ‘Counterinsurgency in El Salvador: the lessons and limits of the indirect approach’, Small Wars & Insurgencies, 24:4 (2013).
  • Astri Suhrke and Mats Berdal (eds), The Peace In Between: Post-War Violence and Peacebuilding (Abingdon: Routledge, 2011).
  • Oisin Tansey, Regime-Building: Democratization and International Administration (Oxford University Press, 2009).
  • Anatol Lieven, ‘The War in Afghanistan: Its Background and Future Prospects’, Conflict, Security & Development, 9:3 (2009).
  • David H. Ucko, ‘Beyond Clear-Hold-Build: Rethinking Local-Level Counterinsurgency after Afghanistan’, Contemporary Security Policy, 2013.
  • David. H. Ucko, ‘The Five Fallacies of Clear-Hold-Build Counter-Insurgency, Governance and Development at the Local Level’, The RUSI Journal, 158: 3 (2013).
  • David H. Ucko, The New Counterinsurgency Era: Transforming the U.S. Military for Modern Wars (Washington DC: Georgetown University Press, 2009).
  • Funmi Olonisakin, Peacekeeping in Sierra Leone: The Story of UNAMSIL, (Boulder and London: Lynne Reinner, 2008).
  • David H. Ucko, ‘Innovation or Inertia: The U.S. Military and the Learning of Counterinsurgency’, Orbis, 52:2 (Spring 2008).
  • David Ucko, ‘US Counterinsurgency in the Information Age’, Jane's Intelligence Review, 17:10 (December 2005).
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