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Whilst the college does expect you to have secured sufficient funding to settle your tuition/residence fees when they are due for payment, we do recognise that there may be changes in your personal circumstances or unforeseen events that happened during the academic year, which make it difficult for you to pay on time.

In these situations we would encourage you to contact credit control to discuss your circumstances to see if we can help. The purpose of this form is to allow you to submit your request to credit control for additional time to pay your college fees.

Whilst it is important to recognise that King's will not always be able to provide you with terms outside our college regulations, we will look at your request individually, giving consideration to your circumstances, the time needed to make payment, your payment history and evidence you are providing to support your request.

If you are experiencing financial difficulties in paying your fees which are not cash flow related, or that that your financial difficulties are impacting other financial commitments in addition to or aside from your college fees, then you may wish to seek expert and confidential advice by contacting one of our specialist advisors.

To proceed to request some more time to pay your college fee, please complete and submit the following form;

Please be advised that if you do not supply the requested evidence to support your application, it will not be reviewed by credit control.

Request more time to pay a college fee