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Overseas Fieldwork Visits

Please read this page carefully if you are a KISS DTC-funded student intending to apply for overseas fieldwork funding. The application form to do so is at the bottom of this page.

Please note: students funded by LISS-DTP should consult the LISS-DTP website for information about overseas fieldwork funding. This page applies to legacy, KISS DTC-funded students only.

ESRC-funded students can access additional funds for overseas fieldwork provided they are fully-funded award holders (ie. fees + stipend paid) and are registered as full-time students. Part-time students may be eligible if they convert to full-time study for the period of the visit. Please contact Jane Gawthrope in advance of applying for overseas fieldwork funding if this applies to you. Please note that funding allocated for overseas fieldwork should be seen as a contribution to costs incurred and may not cover all expenses.

Your intention to undertake overseas fieldwork for the purpose of primary research for your doctoral project should have been indicated in the initial project proposal submitted in your studentship application. Alternately, your project proposal can be updated to include fieldwork (and an application for fieldwork funding made) within the following timeframes:  

  • For students funded from the commencement of their doctoral degrees, your overseas fieldwork application must be submitted during year one.  You should submit your application a minimum of 3 months in advance of your plans to travel.  This is usually (but not always) around the time of your upgrade from MPhil to PhD towards the end of year one.   
  • Students receiving ESRC funding who are existing doctoral students should submit an overseas fieldwork application as soon as possible after their studentship is confirmed.  

Any funds you secure for overseas fieldwork will not be released to you until you have passed your upgrade from MPhil to PhD status.

All overseas fieldwork applications must be supported by the student's supervisor and will be assessed by the KISS DTC team and approved by KISS DTC Director on a case-by-case basis. Students can expect to claim for costs such as: travel to their fieldwork site, travel while in the field and translators. In cases where fieldwork is planned to take 1 month or more, students should expect to cover their accommodation and living expenses out of their stipend payments. In cases where fieldwork involves multiple, shorter trips, accommodation costs can be considered.

Students should make one claim for all overseas fieldwork costs (ie. submit the application form below only once) during the tenure of their studentship, including an indicative plan/budget for all fieldwork/trips they intend to undertake during their award period. Travel must be by the most economical route available. There is some flexibility for dates of travel and locations of travel to change after the indicative plan is submitted in the application form, but students need to keep records of their new dates/plans so that their student record can be updated. the LISS DTP Manager, Jane Gawthrope should be informed if the student needs to propose any significant changes to their initial, agreed fieldwork plan.

Once funds have been awarded, it is the student's responsibility to manage these funds and keep records of their expenditures. Overseas fieldwork funds that are allocated will not be increased to cover additional expenses incurred while the student is on fieldwork. If for any reason the fieldwork is abandoned, cancelled or unsuccessful (with the student returning early), the student will be required to refund unspent funds. Studentships cannot be extended to reflect time spent in the field. 

Overseas fieldwork expenses CANNOT be used for the following:

- fieldwork within the UK (RTSG funds should be used towards these costs)

- trips for purposes other than primary research

- trips of longer than 12 months (although exceptional cases can be made for up to 18 months)

- trips during periods of study interruption

- trips during the final 6 months of the studentship 

- trips during the writing-up period of the studentship

- overseas conference costs (RTSG funds should be used for these) 

This full-length guidance document for applying for overseas fieldwork should be consulted.  Further questions after reviewing it should be directed to Jane Gawthrope.  

Overseas Fieldwork Application form (please download this form, complete it in consultation with your supervisor and submit it to Jane Gawthrope). 


Last update: 08/06/2020

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