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Research Culture

Doctoral training opportunities in this theme are available below.Training Themes Image 01

Workshops and webinars

King's postgraduate research students and postdoctoral research staff can access and book places on the CDS training courses through our online system Skills Forge. For guidance about course bookings, see Booking & Course Availability.


From Competition to Collaboration: How can we behave more collaboratively? (CRSD86)

The benefits of research collaboration are broad and varied, benefitting individuals, institutions, and research outputs. But what types of behaviours lead to more collaborative working? This workshop is a highly interactive session which explores the concept of collaborative behaviours. The workshop provides the opportunity to understand what collaborative behaviours are, and what you can do to collaborate effectively.

Cooperative Leadership: How to get People on Side (PGR323)

Explore what leadership means within a research context. This course will be an opportunity to reflect on your own leadership style and identify opportunities to develop your leadership skills further.

Developing Cross-Cultural Intelligence (LinkedIN Learning)

Being able to work across cultures is an increasingly necessary skill for all employees. Communications expert Tatiana Kolovou helps you develop the cross-cultural intelligence to navigate cultural differences.

Research Integrity: The Fundamentals of Research Excellence at King’s (RGEI1)

This short, introductory workshop is designed to strengthen attendees’ awareness of research integrity issues through discussion of scenarios. The 90-minute session is intended for all research-active staff and research students, across all Faculties at King’s, who are seeking to improve their understanding of research integrity and its application to their research endeavours. It provides an understanding of research integrity and its significance within a wider national and international context.

Building a Research Collaboration (CRSD85)

In this workshop you will learn how to put together a research collaboration by considering what you need in place to maximise the value of the partnership, whether it is an internal or external collaboration. Understand why a potential collaborator might want to work with you, and how to manage a successful research collaboration.

Interdisciplinary Teams and Productive Collaborations (CRSD88)

Interdisciplinarity and collaboration are words that set the tone for the current academic research climate. Interestingly, they are words that combine within a broader definition of “teamworking” and research collaboration is sometimes described as an endeavor you are undertaking with a partner who shares your interests but has other interests too. But what are the barriers to interdisciplinary working? What are the rules of engagement and how can we ensure that all parties get benefit and value from the endeavour? What does it take to ensure that the activity is productive?


You can access all on-demand learning from On-demand PGR Training.


Wellbeing Toolkit for PGR Students

An introduction to two key themes of wellbeing: self-care and management, and working with others.  Consisting of 6 one-hour units, this on-demand course will help you to manage your wellbeing.  See: KEATS course.

PGR Core Library

The Centre for Doctoral Studies has developed a core library of on-demand courses specifically designed for King’s PGR students. These courses typically take an hour to complete and cover topics across our 8 key themes of doctoral training. See the KEATS course.

RDFmapped and LinkedIn Learning

As a member of King's you have free access to LinkedIn Learning.  For more information on how to access LinkedIn Learning, see the Centre for Technology Enhanced Learning.

Search LinkedIn Learning through the lens of Vitae's Reesarcher Development Framework using www.rdfmapped.com.  Developed by King's, this tool allows you to search a curated list of LinkedIn Learning courses and videos relevant to the domains of the RDF.  See: www.rdfmapped.com

Further opportunities

Research Governance, Ethics and Integrity

The department of Research Governance, Ethics and Integrity (RGEI) is committed to enabling researchers to achieve research excellence. We support the King’s research community to ensure that all research conducted is safe, lawful, and of the highest standards of integrity and rigour. The Department is responsible for developing and monitoring relevant College policies. We also provide further guidance and training to all researchers across the university in governance, ethics, and integrity matters. Please contact the relevant team for further details or to discuss your specific training requirements. See: www.kcl.ac.uk/rgei

Diversity & Inclusion

King’s Equality, Diversity & Inclusion aims to embed equality within everything King’s does, and has a range of resources and guidance that students may find helpful. You can take ‘Diversity Matters’ training to learn more about embedding inclusion in your learning or workplace – just search for it on Skillsforge. The ‘It Stops Here’ campaign is aimed at ensuring that King's has safe and welcoming campuses for everyone. The online ‘Consent Matters’ course is available to all students on KEATS. See: www.kcl.ac.uk/diversity

RIOT Science Club

A seminar series to raise awareness and provide training in Reproducible, Interpretable, Open, & Transparent Science. Putting the R.I.O.T into science! Weekly talks, workshops and tutorials on open science and more! Email riotscienceclub@kcl.ac.uk and follow @riotscienceclub riotscienceclub@kcl.ac.uk

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