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King's PGR Prizes


Each year, hundreds of King's postgraduate research students complete their degrees and graduate with a doctorate, going on to become leaders in academia, research, industry, and beyond. To recognise and celebrate the outstanding talent and innovation of our PGR students, we award the King's Outstanding Thesis Prize and the Tadion Radial Prize annually.


The King's Outstanding Thesis Prize

These prizes are nominated by the external examiners who assess research theses and are judged by a panel consisting of the Director of Research Talent and the Chair of the Research Degrees Examinations Board. We have a limited number of prizes to award across the year; each successful candidate receives £250.

King's Outstanding Thesis Prize Winners 22/23

Winner table
Dr Harriet Fagerberg Philosophy, A&H
Dr Jacob Gracie-Burrow English Language & Literature, A&H
Dr Heather White Centre for Craniofacial & Regenerative Biology, FoDOC
Dr Aimee Cheesbrough Developmental Neurobiology, FoLSM
Dr Naomi Wright Population Health Sciences, FoLSM
Dr Luis Alameda Psychosis Studies, IoPPN
Dr Brittney Regal Public Services Management & Organisation, DPSoL
Dr Giuseppe Brandi Mathematics, NMES
Dr Francesca Ghiretti War Studies, SSPP
Dr Alison Skipper History, A&H
Dr Savannah Whaley English Language & Literature, A&H
Dr Jennifer Coleman Centre for Craniofacial & Regenerative Biology, FoDOCS
Dr Roxanne Keynejad Health Service & Population Research, IoPPN
Dr Dominic Oliver Psychosis Studies, IoPPN
Dr Daniel Koch Cell & Molecular Biophysics, FoLSM
Dr Sarah McElroy Biomedical Engineering Department, FoLSM
Dr Emilie Gachon Biological Physics & Soft Matter, NMES
Dr Leonie Haiden War Studies, SSPP
Dr Onna Van Den Broek European & International Studies, SSPP
Dr Yanxi Li Accounting & Financial Management, KBS
Dr Laura Mai Laws, DPSoL
Dr Teofila Bueser Care in Long Term Conditions, NMPC


King's Outstanding Thesis Prize Winners 21/22

Winner table
Dr Giles Masters Musicology, A&H
Dr Harriet Cook Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies, A&H
Dr Rafael Lubner English Literature, A&H
Dr Rana Alkattan Dental Materials for Operative and Restorative Dentistry, FoDOC
Dr Ana Caetano Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine, FoDOC
Dr Sophie Carruthers Psychology, IoPPN
Dr Olakunle Oginni Behavioural Genetics, IoPPN
Dr Matteo Montecchi Management Research (Marketing), KBS
Dr Alison McFarland Management, KBS
Dr Laura Knopfel Law, DPSoL
Dr John Whitaker Global Health Research, FoLSM
Dr Julia Burrill Molecular Biology, FoLSM
Dr Natasha Hezelgrave-Elliot Obstetrics and Gynaecology, FoLSM
Dr Edward Baker Nursing Research, NMPC
Dr Sarah McAllister Health Services Research, NMPC
Dr Malte Probst Theoretical Physics, NMES
Dr Ecaterina Burevschi Chemistry, NMES
Dr Duncan Wane Middle Eastern Studies, SSPP
Dr Eduardo Ortiz Juarez Development Economics, SSPP


King's Outstanding Thesis Prize Winners 20/21

Winner table
Dr Bryony White English Language & Literature, A&H
Dr Luis Medina Latin American Studies, A&H
Dr Vinod Patel Clinical Dentistry, FoDOC
Dr Tiago Rua Health Economics, IoPPN
Dr Jessica De Faria Dafflon Neuroimaging, IoPPN
Dr Clemency Jolly Cancer Genetics, FoLSM
Dr Jaffar Khan Cardiovascular Sciences, FoLSM
Dr Thomas Helfer Physics, NMS
Dr Matilde Rosina International Political Economy, SSPP
Dr Jonah Miller History, A&H
Dr James Rakoczi English Literature and Medical Humanities, A&H
Dr Emma Kinnaird Psychological Medicine, IoPPN
Dr Elisa Bruno Clinical Neuroscience, IoPPN
Dr Cristina Fernandez Turienzo Women and Children’s Health, FoLSM
Dr Michelle White Surgery (Global Health and Implementation Science), FoLSM
Dr Pablo Lopez-Custodio Kinematics, NMS
Dr Kristina Kubiliute Mathematics, NMS
Dr Adam Day War Studies, SSPP
Dr Rajan Basra War Studies, SSPP
Dr Cheng Lin Law, DPSoL


King's Outstanding Thesis Prize Winners 19/20

Winners table
Dr Cathy Davies  Psychosis Studies, IoPPN 
Dr Qumrul Chowdhury  School of Education, Communication & Society, SSPP 
Dr Yin Xu  Psychology, IoPPN 
Dr Aldo Glielmo  Physics, NMS 
Dr Naomi Lloyd-Jones  History, A&H 
Dr Haseeb Rahman  Cardiovascular Research Division, FoLSM 
Dr Matthew Lampitt  French, A&H 
Dr Anna Khlusova Culture, Media & Creative Industries, A&H
Dr Marjaana Johanna Viljanto  Analyrical & Environmental Sciences, FoLSM
Dr Daisy Melandri Immunology, Infection & Inflammatory Disease, FoLSM
Dr Jennifer Murphy Social, Genetic & Developmental Psychiatry, IoPPN
Dr Tomasz Kosmala Mathematics, NMS
Dr Kirk Ross Defence Studies, SSPP
Dr Hannah Paveck Film Studies, A&H
Dr Andriana Michaelidou Cancer Imaging, FoLSM


King's Outstanding Thesis Prize Winners 18/19

Winners table
Dr Christine Okoth  English Language & Literature, A&H 
Dr Ali Ibrahim  Centre for Oral, Clinical & Translational Sciences, FoDOC 
Dr Hannah Nathan  Women & Children’s Health, FoLSM 
Dr Emily Smith-Woolley  Social Genetic & Developmental Psychiatry, IoPPN 
Dr Esmé Shirlow  Law, DPSoL 
Dr Kwok-Wing Tsoi  Mathematics, NMS 
Dr Alex Franklin  Philosophy, A&H 
Dr Hyunyoung Jo  Management Studies Research, KBS 
Dr Maja Sabalic  Centre for Craniofacial & Regenerative Biology, FoDOC 
Dr Jenny Carter  Women & Children’s Health, FoLSM 
Dr James Gooch  Analytical, Environmental & Forensic Sciences, FoLSM 
Dr Pablo Vidal-Ribas Belil  Biostatistics & Health Informatics, IoPPN 
Dr Ritu Kundu  Engineering, NMS 
Dr Ezequiel Monti  Law, DPSoL 
Dr Peter Dutton  War Studies, SSPP 


King's Outstanding Thesis Prize Winners 17/18

Winners table
Dr Samuel Holmes  School of Education, Communication & Society, SSPP 
Dr Rebecca McDonald  Addictions, IoPPN 
Dr Giorgia Michelini  Social Genetic & Developmental Psychiatry Centre, IoPPN 
Dr Sandro Mignuzzi  Physics, NMS 
Dr Thomas Miller  Analytical & Environmental Sciences Research Division, FoLSM 
Dr Tamara Turner  Music, A&H 
Dr Alister Wedderburn  War Studies, SSPP 
Dr Heather Westwood  Psychological Medicine, IoPPN 
Dr Joanne Newbury  Social Genetic & Developmental Psychiatry Centre, IoPPN 
Dr Donatella Loru  Chemistry, NMS 
Dr Claire Wrynne  Health Services and Population Research, IoPPN 
Dr Cheuk Yin Li  Film Studies, A&H 
Dr Giulia Leonelli  Law, DPSoL 
Dr Amy Beedle  Physics, NMS 
Dr Claire Yorke  War Studies, A&H 


King's Outstanding Thesis Prize Winners 16/17

Winner table
Dr Edward Lamberti  Film Studies, A&H 
Dr Giuseppina Arbore  Transplantation Immunology and Mucosal Biology Research, FoLSM 
Dr Bishal Bhandari  Dental and Health Sciences Research, FoDOC 
Dr Chuang Liu  Robotics, NMS 
Dr Susan Duckworth  Women's Health Research, FoLSM 
Dr Ross Hawkes  Diabetes and Nutritional Sciences Research, FoLSM 
Dr William Tullett  History, A&H 
Dr Barbara Bravi  Mathematics, NMS 
Dr Nicholas Shakeshaft  Social, Genetic & Developmental Psychiatry. IoPPN 
Dr Savani Bartholdy  Psychological Medicine, IoPPN 
Dr Paride Antinucci  Developmental Neuroscience, IoPPN 
Dr Anne Iltzsche  Institute of Pharmaceutical Science, FoLSM 
Dr Alice Russell  Psychological Medicine, IoPPN 
Dr Jessica Davies  Cardiovascular Research, FoLSM 
Dr Elizabeth Foxall  Randall Division of Cell & Molecular Biophysics, FoLSM 



The Tadion Rideal Prize 

This award was instituted in 1983 by a gift of £10,000 from Dr J. Tadion to commemorate his association with the late Sir Eric Rideal FRS and King’s College London. The prize of £1,000 is awarded annually and is open to doctoral students of King’s College London who have carried out research for a PhD degree in Molecular Science. ‘Molecular Science’ is defined broadly and inclusively as: Research that involves studies at the molecular level.

Students are nominated by their supervisors; faculties assess the nominations and put their top two candidates forward for consideration by a panel of senior academics and the Director of Research Talent.

Tadion Rideal Prize Winner 2019/20

Dr Gerard Pieper, Randall Centre of Cell & Molecular Biophysics.

Tadion Rideal Prize Winner 2018/19

Dr Ruby Peters, Department of Physics

Tadion Rideal Prize Winner 2017/18

Dr Amy Beedle, Department of Physics



If you have any questions about these awards, please contact doctoralstudies@kcl.ac.uk. 

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