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Aarhus University Summer School

About the Institution

Aarhus's programme consists of a portfolio of courses taught in English at Bachelor's or Master's level within the fields of Culture and Society, Media and Communication, Business, Management and Economics, Psychology, Political Science, Law, Health, Natural Science and Technology. All teaching at AU Summer University is based on current research and has a strong international perspective. The close link between research and education ensures the quality and depth of the courses. Class sizes range from 20-50 students. In 2020 96% of the evaluated students recommended the programme to their friends. Aarhus is one of King's Circle U. partners - for more information please see the King's Circle U. webpages.

Who can apply?

The Aarhus University Summer programme is open to undergraduate, postgraduate taught and postgraduate research students.

Courses offered

Courses are being finalised but are usually in the following subject areas: Biomedicine Computer Science Culture & Marketing Economics & Finance Health & Medicine Humanities Innovation & Entrepreneurship Law Management Marketing Natural Science Social Science STEM Technical Science

Programme dates

Aarhus University offer two types of courses, 5ECTS courses or 10ECTS courses, the duration and dates are: Term 1 will run from: Tuesday 2nd July 2024 - Friday 19th July 2024 Term 2 will run from: Monday 22nd July 2024 - Friday 9th August 2024 5 ECTS courses will run for 2 weeks and 10 ECTS courses for 3 weeks. Students will also have the option to take a course in each term and thereby extend the duration of the exchange to 6 weeks and receive 20ECTS.

Application deadlines

Applications for Global Summer Exchange Programme 2024 have now closed. This page will be updated with information on Summer 2025 in due course.

What are the costs?

Aarhus University have provided information on the estimated budget for one month at Aarhus, please note, each students' lifestyle and needs vary so this is just an example: Estimated budget for one month stay in Aarhus: 1000 EUR including housing, living costs, transport, books and social programme. Social Activities: 120 EUR Housing: 490 EUR (1 month) Meals: 230 EUR Transport: 50 EUR Books: 60 EUR Other expenses: 50 EUR In total excl. flight: 1,000 EUR Students who are successful in their application will receive a tuition fee waiver, but will be responsible for all other costs, including, flights, visas, living expenses and those listed above.


Accommodation is offered on and off campus. Please go to the website for more information about the accommodation on offer at Aarhus University.

Eligibility, exclusions & requirements

Students must currently be enrolled at King's. Students must meet any pre-requisite requested by the individual course. Students looking for postgraduate courses should ensure they meet the background for these and should have completed, or be about to complete an undergraduate degree.

Information on this page is accurate for 2024 entry.

Estimated living costs

Actual expenses may vary depending on student lifestyle. The cost of travel to and from the country is not included in these estimates.

Aarhus University Summer School
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