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Monash University

About the Institution

Monash University is one of Australia’s largest and most diverse universities. Over its 50 year history, Monash has built a strong international reputation in research and scholarship and made extraordinary contributions to fields including stem cell science, nanotechnology, environmental science, drug development and discovery, and historical and cultural studies.

Campus allocation

Unlike many partners, Monash actually has different campuses students can apply to attend: The original Monash campus in Melbourne, Australia The Sunway campus within the Bandar Sunway township in Malaysia Which campus is available to you will depend on what your subject is, as different campuses cater to different subject areas. Geography BA and International Development BA students may split their year abroad and spend one semester at Monash Australia and one semester at Monash Malaysia.

Estimated living costs

Estimated living costs have been suggested by the university,but actual expenses may vary depending on student lifestyle. The cost of travel to and from the country is not included in these estimates.

College wide partner