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Université de Poitiers

About the Institution

Founded in 1431, the University of Poitiers is the second oldest university in France and has welcomed many famous thinkers in its time ( François Rabelais; René Descartes; Francis Bacon ). These days, Poitiers is one of the biggest student cities in France; it has more students per inhabitant than any other city in France. There are more than 27,000 university students; 4,000 of them international students, from 117 countries. Poitiers is a picturesque, medieval city conveniently located neither too far from Tours nor from Paris.

Estimated living costs

Actual expenses may vary depending on student lifestyle. The cost of travel to and from the country is not included in these estimates.

Université de Poitiers
Université de Poitiers is a King’s exchange partner based in France.