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University of California

About the Institution

The University of California (UC) is an intellectual powerhouse, home to more than 174,000 students and comprising several undergraduate campuses across the entire state: Berkeley, Davis, Irvine, Los Angeles, Merced, Riverside, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz and San Diego. The UC system is recognised as the foremost public research institution in the world and is one of the most popular destinations for King's students.

Pre-Application Briefing

To be considered for UC, King's students are required to access this information either in person or online. This briefing will take place during Go Global, and students can access the briefing online via our internal pages.


For students in the Bioscience department: A Level Maths (or equivalent) is required prior to applying internally to King's. Good grades in A-level Maths (grade of C or above) and in Higher Level IB Mathematics diploma (grade of 5 or above) have been used in the past to document the calculus prerequisite*. UC have also considered Standard Level IB Mathematics (grade of 6 or above) in the past, but final admission is determined by the UC campus applied for. *Knowledge of Calculus would include: Calculus of one variable; derivatives, definite integrals and applications, maxima and minima, and applications of the exponential and logarithmic functions. Differential equations. Functions of many variables. Partial derivatives, constrained and unconstrained optimization.

Estimated living costs

Actual expenses may vary depending on student lifestyle. The cost of travel to and from the country is not included in these estimates.

University of California
Consistently ranked among worlds top public research universities, University of California attracts the best & brightest students from more than 100 countries

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