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Yonsei University

About the Institution

Yonsei University is the oldest private university in Korea and was first established in 1885. Yonsei is a highly ranked, leading institution for higher education and research in Asia. Yonsei’s main campus is ensconced in a spacious, picturesque and natural setting located minutes away from the economic, political, and cultural centres of Seoul's metropolitan downtown.


Yonsei only accept students going into third year (students must have COMPLETED one year of study at point of application).

Estimated living costs

Estimated living costs have been suggested by the university,but actual expenses may vary depending on student lifestyle. The cost of travel to and from the country is not included in these estimates.

Yonsei University
Yonsei University's Exchange offer opportunities to students who plan to study in Koreas top university located in the heart of Seoul, the capital city of Korea

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