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Programme Specific Information

King's International Foundation Programme

This page will give you an overview of programme-specific information relating to the King’s International Foundation.  If you have any questions, please contact

Programme Aims and Objectives

The King’s International Foundation (KIF) is delivered by King's Foundations at King’s College London. The programme is designed to provide a structured pathway into King’s undergraduate programmes for international students of high potential. 

Programme Structure

Each student does two pathway modules.  A list of these is below.  As well as these, you will do one of the three ‘Society’ modules: Business & Society, Culture & Society or Science & Society. You will also do one of the two English modules (English for Academic Purposes or English for Scientific Purposes, depending on pathway) or Academic Expression & Critical Thinking, which is for students approaching or at native-speaker proficiency. 

The pathways are as follows:

  • Biology & Chemistry
  • Business Management & Mathematics
  • Business Management & Social Science
  • Economics & Mathematics
  • International Relations & Politics
  • Liberal Arts & Social Science
  • Mathematics & Physics
  • Computer Science & Engineering (this is one module; students also take Mathematics as their second module)

Assessment Dates and Breakdown

For a breakdown of your assessments, along with the dates for these assessments, and for a more detailed description of course content, please see the individual module KEATS pages ( or follow the Key Dates link. 

Overall KIF Mark

Your final overall mark on the KIF is calculated by weighting all of your four modules equally, i.e. each overall module mark is worth 25% of the final programme mark.


King's Foundations Grading Scheme

The grading scheme for the programme is as follows (and in line with the King’s College marking scheme):

King's Foundations Grading Scheme
Letter grade & descriptor
 70-100% (pass)  Excellent (A)
 65-69% (pass) Very Good (B+)
 60-64% (pass) Good (B)
 55-59% (pass) Fair (C+)
 50-54% (pass) Adequate (C)
 40-49% (pass) Barely Adequate (D)
 0-39% (fail) Inadequate (F)

Each piece of work will be given a grade as above. You will also receive percentage marks for each module and for the course as a whole at the end of the year.

The King’s International Foundation is recognised by educational institutions as an acceptable qualification for study at undergraduate level. The majority of universities require a pass with a grade equivalent to ‘B’ (60-64%) or ‘B+’ (65-69%) on the KIF. University offers can sometimes include a specific grade in one or more individual modules. In addition, undergraduate programmes sometimes require IELTS Band 6.5 or 7.0 overall. Some universities may also specify a particular IELTS band in reading and writing.

Pass Mark

To achieve a pass on the programme, you must fulfill all of the following requirements:

1.     obtain at least 40% overall;

2.     pass (i.e. obtain at least 40%) all modules of the course (you are allowed to carry a condoned fail*  in 1 module as long as it is not one of English for Academic Purposes, English for Scientific Academic Purposes or Academic Expression & Critical Thinking)

* a condoned fail is currently 33 - 39%.


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