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Regulation & Policy

College Regulations & Student Conduct

By becoming a student at King’s College London you have, in effect, entered into an agreement with the College. In this agreement, as a student, you undertake to act reasonably and to observe certain regulations. For its part, the College undertakes to provide you with teaching and other facilities. We recommend that you look at the Student Guides to College Regulations.

Please note that it is a College requirement that all students keep their contact details, including UK address and phone number, up to date. This is especially important for King's Foundations students who may be studying on Tier 4 visas. The process to update an address is quick and easy and can be done by students via the College's Student Records service.

The guide is a student friendly overview of College policies and guidelines and equally importantly, for what the College considers as misconduct. The guide consists of an A-Z list covering some of the terminology that you may come across, a very brief summary of some of the College’s processes/procedures and it also explains which regulations are relevant to certain aspects of your life and work as a College student.

We understand that some regulations may be complex to understand so please ask your programme co-ordinator for any advice you may need in understanding these guidelines. The Students’ Union can also help you.

Student Conduct

Students, as well as staff, are expected to abide by a set of rules and behaviours whilst studying at the College.  Many of the rules relate to academic standards and conduct, for example, not cheating or plagiarising.  Failure to engage in your course, which means either not attending class or repeatedly not submitting coursework, may mean you could be removed from your programme.  Other rules relate to how we treat each other, for example, bullying or harassing other students for any reason. 

Finally we also need to abide by the law, and any act that is illegal in the UK will be considered to be a breach of College standards too.  There is a range of penalties that may be used if student conduct falls below King’s standards, including having your results declared void, or being removed from the College. 

For more information on student behaviours and conduct, please read sections B1 to B6 in the College regulations.  

Gift Policy

Please note that King's Foundations complies with KCL policy on the acceptance of gifts. This means that we are not allowed to accept gifts above the value of £20.

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