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Your Contribution

Tony Thorne and King's welcome information from contributors, especially examples of contemporary youth slang or publications, articles, academic studies and more dealing with this and associated topics. All contributors will be acknowledged in upcoming publications.

How to contribute

Please send contributions by e-mail to Tony Thorne. If you are contributing a new word or phrase, please use the following format for your contribution:

Headword (or phrase)

e.g triff!

Part of speech e.g noun, verb, adverb, adjective, phrase, exclamation
Geographical origin e.g US, UK, Aus, NZ, S AF, Carib, Northern English, Glasgow area, etc.
Meaning e.g excellent, wonderful
Typical users e.g students, office-workers, schoolkids
Example of use (a direct quote or an invented example) e.g "Those shoes she's got are triff!"/ " I've got us into the gig tonight free" - "Triff!"
Other information (where you heard it, how old it is, how widespread its use is, whether it is always used as an insult, joke, compliment)
e.g Triff! seems to have originated as an exclamation of enthusiasm among British schoolkids in the 1970s and is now often used ironically, especially by older speakers such as students.

If you can't manage all of this, the most important is the word or phrase itself and its meaning! 

Thank you for your help!

Note: Please don't be offended if, due to the pressure of work, your messages are not acknowledged immediately.

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