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Examiner FAQs

I have received an email inviting me to examine,
what sections must I complete

Please complete all sections in full. We require accurate contact details as that will be how we contact you with the thesis, both electronic and print copy, and any further information after the Oral Examination. Please do update any information that may be incorrect.

Why do you need to know my experience of examining
research degree students

The King's College London Academic Regulations state that, between both examiners, we require that a minimum of three UK based degrees have been examined by you. In order to confirm and monitor this, we request that you kindly confirm your past experience.

Please note: you do not need to list all the degrees you have examined, it is sufficient just to list the number in the UK and elsewhere as appropriate.

Please click the links below for the Academic Regulations and Examiner Guidance:

How is the Oral Examination scheduled

The student's supervisor should contact you after the Research Degrees team have dispatched the thesis to the examiners to arrange a time, date and place for the examination.

The Research Degrees Examination Office are not involved in the organisation of the Oral Examination and unfortunately we cannot answer queries about the time, location or date of the Oral Examination.

When does the Oral Examination need to take place by

The Oral Examination should take place within 6 months of the thesis being dispatched to the examiners. If there are any issues the Faculty or Supervisor should get in touch with you in order for you to see if this still works with your availability. 

Which forms and reports should be completed and submitted

Examiners are required to complete the following:

  • Decision form (following the oral examination);
  • Preliminary report each (prior to the oral examination);
  • Joint report (following the oral examination);
  • List of corrections (if applicable).

Reports must be emailed to within three weeks of the oral examination taking place.

The Preliminary Report can be shared with your fellow examiner(s) and the Research Degrees Examination Office once completed.

Please note: the deadline for reports to be received by is the 24th of each month

Who is responsible for confirming amendments have been
successfully completed
  • The Decision Form has space to state who will check the amendments (number 6 on the form). If neither examiner is indicated it will default to both examiners;
  • Please note that supervisors cannot check amendments;
  • For minor amendments (1 or 3 months) either both or one of the examiners can check and confirm the approval of amendments;
  • For major amendments (6 months) either both or one of the examiners can check and confirm the approval of amendments.
How can I confirm that I am satisfied with the amendments made

The person(s) responsible for checking the amendments will need to email to confirm that they are happy with the amendments and recommend the student for the award.

There is no King's pro forma and a further report is not required.

Please note: that if the decision form states that both examiners are responsible for checking the amendments, then our Office need a confirmation email from both examiners stating the amendments are satisfactory.

The deadline to receive approval of amendments is the 24th of each month.

I am re-examining a thesis following 12/18 months amendments.
Which forms and reports do I need to complete and submit

Regardless of whether a further Oral Examination is required or it is a re-submission of the thesis examiners are required to complete the following:

  • Decision form;
  • Joint report;
  • List of corrections (if applicable).

Reports must be emailed to 

Please note: the deadline for reports to be received by is the 24th of each month

I am re-examining a thesis following 12/18 months amendments.
What outcome options are available to me

Following a period of 12/18 months amendments, examiners have the following outcomes available to them:

  • Pass;
  • Minor amendments (one month only);
  • Recommend an award of a lower degree;
  • Fail.

If you have any enquiries about the outcomes, please email

When will I receive my fee and expenses for examining

Once our Office have received all completed examiner reports as detailed above examiners are required to complete the relevant Fee Form and, where appropriate, the Expenses Form in order to recieve payment. 

Please complete both forms in full and return them to

Forms can be found here: Research Degree Forms

  • Examiner fees - these are processed by the payroll department, the deadline for the forms is the 10th of every month, fees are then paid by the last working day of the month
  • Expenses form - these are processed by the accounts payable team and are paid on a rolling basis

Please note: all fees and expenses are paid by BACS transfer directly into your bank account.

For examiners who hold an international bank account you have the option to specify the bank account on the forms.

Guidance for oral examinations
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