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King’s Climate Action Network (King’s CAN) is an open, interdisciplinary forum which aims to bring together people from across the King’s community who are passionate about sustainability.

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It was created in October 2020 to co-create the university’s approach to climate action. In its first year, more than 200 members from across King’s were involved contributing to a list of over 50 sustainability actions to be taken forward by the university.

The actions and feedback was collated and consulted on to develop King’s Climate & Sustainability Action Plan. Since then King’s CAN has grown to more than 400 members and the focus has shifted to implementing the agreed sustainability actions.

King’s CAN focuses on solutions to reduce our carbon emissions, while maximising positive impact on climate action.

It covers the following categories:

  • Zero carbon estate (energy and water use; sustainable construction)
  • Procurement and waste (purchasing policies and data; waste management)
  • Travel (flights, business travel and commuting)
  • Responsible investment (investment in socially responsible funds)
  • Students and education (formal and informal education on climate change and sustainability)
  • Community and engagement (creating a positive impact as part of our net zero carbon target)
  • Zero carbon research (maximising our climate expertise and collaboration)

The network includes:

  • Community-building: We hold termly CAN plenaries to unite the network in person, building an engaged climate community while celebrating and reviewing the progress of the CSAP.
  • Focused brainstorms: Throughout the year we concentrate on specific CSAP areas, generating fresh ideas and sparking discussions.
  • Consultations: The CAN plays a crucial role in the annual CSAP review process, providing feedback and helping set priorities. Beyond planned consultations, it serves as a platform for ongoing dialogue, connecting community voices with key decisions.
  • Funding for projects: The Sustainability Projects Fund allows CAN members to turn their ideas into action, and we plan to set this up in term 2.
  • Vibrant hub: The CAN Teams channel serves as a connected community where members share relevant opportunities, events and resources.
  • Events to empower: Throughout the year, CAN members have access to a range of events and training sessions to enhance their knowledge, including the Sustainability Seminar Series and King’s Climate & Sustainability Month.

The network is open to anyone at King’s – students, staff, alumni – as well as key external partners.

No prior knowledge is required. The CAN has regular meetings throughout the year.

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