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Please note: this event has passed

Together with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), the department will host the two-day Workshop on the Economics and Politics of Migration on 22-23 April.

The workshop is the follow-up to the department’s successful inaugural workshop, which took place online in November.

You can re-watch day one on YouTube here

13.30-13.40: Welcome by organisers (Cevat Giray Aksoy, Kostas Matakos, Pierre-Louis Vezina) 

13.40-14.50 | Session 1: Fiscal and Political Implications| chaired by Cevat Giray Aksoy (EBRD & KCL)

The Fiscal Effect of Immigration: Reducing Bias in Accounting Estimates

Michael Clemens (Center for Global Development)

Discussant: Alan Manning (London School of Economics)

Immigration, Political Ideologies and the Polarization of American Politics

Axel Dreher (Heidelberg University), Sarah Langlotz (University Goettingen), Johannes Matzat (University Goettingen)*, Anna Maria Mayda (Georgetown University), and Christopher Parsons (University of Western Australia)

Discussant: Ilona Lahdelma (University Carlos III of Madrid)


15.00-16.45 | Session 2: Migrants and Firms | chaired by Pierre-Louis Vezina (King’s College London)

The Role of Firms in the Assimilation of Immigrants

Jaime Arellano-Bover (Yale University) and Shmuel San (New York University)*

Discussant: Dany Bahar (Brookings Institution)

ICE Raids and Audits: The Effect of Immigration Enforcement Actions on Businesses

Pia M. Orrenius (Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas), Madeline Zavodny (University of North Florida)*, and Chloe Smith (Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas)

Discussant: Sarah Schneider-Strawczynski (Paris School of Economics)

Traded Non Tradables: Offshoring Service Jobs Through Labour Mobility by Mathilde Muñoz (Paris School of Economics)

Discussant: Steven Stillman (Free University of Bozen-Bolzano)


17:00-18:00 | Keynote Lecture

Immigration and The American Dream Over Two Centuries by Ran Abramitzky (Stanford University)

chaired by Kostas Matakos (KCL)

End of day one.

Day 2 (23 April) 
You can re-watch day two on YouTube here

13.30-14.40 | Session 3: Socio-Economic Integration | chaired by Pierre-Louis Vezina

Is Naturalization a Passport for Better Labor Market Integration? Evidence from a Quasi-Experimental Design

Yajna Govind (Paris School of Economics)

Discussant: Jean-Francois Maystadt (Louvain School of Economics)

Media Persuasion through Slanted Language: Evidence from the Coverage of Immigration

Milena Djourelova (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)

Discussant: Elias Dinas (European University Institute)


14.50-15.50 | Keynote Lecture II

The Economics of Displacement by Sandra Sequeira (London School of Economics)

chaired by Ralph De Haas (EBRD)


16:00-17:45 | Session 4: Refugees | chaired by Kostas Matakos

The Refugee's Dilemma: Evidence from Jewish Migration out of Nazi Germany

Johannes Buggle (University of Lausanne), Thierry Mayer (Sciences Po), Seyhun Sakalli (King’s College London)*, and Mathias Thoenig (University of Lausanne)

Discussant: Vicky Fouka (Stanford University)

Scared Straight? Threat and Assimilation of Refugees in Germany

Philipp Jaschke (Institute for Employment Research), Sulin Sardoschau (Humboldt University)*, and Marco Tabellini (Harvard Business School)

Discussant: Sandra V. Rozo (USC Marshall School of Business)

An Adaptive Targeted Field Experiment: Job Search Assistance for Refugees in Jordan

  1. Stefano Caria (University of Warwick)*, Grant Gordon (International Rescue Committee), Maximilian Kasy (University of Oxford), Simon Quinn (University of Oxford), Soha Shami (Danish Refugee Council), Alexander Teytelboym (University of Oxford)

Discussant: Moritz Marbach (Texas A&M University)


17.45-17.50 | Concluding remarks by organisers

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Cevat Giray Aksoy

Lecturer in Economics

Pierre-Louis  Vezina

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Konstantinos  Matakos

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