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Dr Aksoy is a Principal Economist in the Office of the Chief Economist at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in London and Assistant Professor of Economics at King’s College London, Department of Political Economy.

He is also a Research Fellow at the London School of Economics and Research Associate at IZA Institute of Labor Economics.

Dr Aksoy's work mainly focuses on applied labour economics with a strong focus on labour market inequalities, migration, and political economy.

His research has been covered by local and international media outlets, including the BBC, Bloomberg, Business Insider, Financial Times, Harvard Business Review, the Mirror, Reuters, The Daily Mail, The Independent, The Telegraph, The Times, Quartz, Vox, the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, and World Economic Forum.

Dr Aksoy was the recipient of the Young Researcher Award from the Association of British Turkish Academics and was selected as a Leader of Tomorrow by The St. Gallen Foundation. He also occasionally contributes to Pocket Economics podcasts and writes for GALLUP Blog, LSE Business Review, and VOXEU.

He received his BA in Economics from Istanbul University and MA in Economics from State University of New York. In 2017, he completed a PhD in Economics at University of London, Royal Holloway College.

Click here to view Dr Aksoy's website.

Research interests

  • Economics of Migration
  • Labour Market Inequalities
  • Political Economy


  • Causal Inference for Public Policy (Graduate Level).

    The module provides an introduction to instrumental variable estimation, the regression discontinuity design, difference-in-differences estimation, as well as the synthetic control method. Teaching consists of a weekly lecture, as well as seminars, and hands-on lab sessions. In the labs students apply methods of causal inference to various causal questions in the fields of economics, political economy, public policy and political science.

    All teaching material will be posted on Keats.


Epidemic Exposure, Financial Technology, and the Digital Divide, Forthcoming, Journal of Money, Credit and Banking (with Barry Eichengreen and Orkun Saka). View CEPR Working Paper. Featured in VoxEU.

Refugees’ and Irregular Migrants’ Self-selection into Europe, Journal of Development Economics (with Panu Poutvaara). Featured in Bloomberg, Business Insider, Deutsche Welle, Die Zeit, Reuters

Local Governance Quality and the Environmental Cost of Forced Migration, Journal of Development Economics (2021) (with Semih Tumen). View SSRN Working Paper.

Revenge of the Experts: Will COVID-19 Renew or Diminish Public Trust in Science?, Journal of Public Economics (2021)(with Barry Eichengreen and Orkun Saka). View NBER Working Paper. Featured in Wall Street Journal, Fortune Magazine, New Zealand Herald, Times Higher Education, VoxEU, LSE Business Review,, ProMarket

Robots and the Gender Pay Gap: Evidence from Europe, European Economic Review (2021) (with Berkay Ozcan and Julia Philipp). View IZA Working Paper. Featured in The Independent, New Scientist, VoxEU, World Economic Forum

Do Laws Shape Attitudes? Evidence from Same-sex Relationship Recognition Policies in Europe, European Economic Review (2020) (with Christopher S. Carpenter, Ralph De Haas, and Kevin Tran). View CEPR Working Paper. Featured in Psychology Today, VoxEU

Gay Glass Ceilings: Sexual Orientation and Workplace Authority in the UK, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization (2019) (with Christopher S. Carpenter, Jeff Frank and Matt Huffman). View IZA Working Paper. Featured in Bloomberg, New Zealand Herald, Quartz, VoxEU, Washington Post, World Economic Forum.

Sexual Orientation and Earnings: New Evidence from the United Kingdom, ILR Review (2018) (with Christopher S. Carpenter and Jeff Frank). View EBRD Working Paper Version. Featured in Harvard Business Review, IZA World of Labor, LSE Business Review, Quartz, VoxEU, World Economic Forum.

Working Papers

Calamities, Common Interests, Shared Identity: What Shapes Altruism and Reciprocity? Pre-analysis Plan (with Antonio Cabrales, Mathias Dolls, Ruben Durante, and Lisa Windsteiger). View CEPR Working Paper.

The Political Scar of Epidemics, Under review (with Barry Eichengreen and Orkun Saka). View NBER Working Paper | Watch LSE Public Event. Featured in Anadolu Agency, BBC Turkey, Bloomberg, Daily Mail, Euro News, Financial Times, The Telegraph, VoxEU, Washington Post

Globalization, Government Popularity, and the Great Skill Divide, Under review (with Sergei Guriev and Daniel Treisman). View NBER Working Paper. Featured in VoxEU, Wall Street Journal.

Exposure to Transit Migration, Public Attitudes and Entrepreneurship, Under review (with Nicolas Ajzenman and Sergei Guriev). View IZA Working Paper. Featured in VoxEU.

First Time Around: Local Conditions and Multi-dimensional Integration of Refugees, Under review (with Panu Poutvaara and Felicitas Schikora). View IZA Working Paper. Featured in VoxEU.

Short-term Effects of House Prices on Birth Rates, Under review View EBRD Working Paper. Featured in Financial Times, Mirror, The Daily Mail, The Independent Online, The Telegraph, The Times.

Work in Progress

Institutions Shape Culture: The Civic Imprint of Democracy (with Daron Acemoglu, Nicolas Ajzenman, Martin Fiszbein, and Carlos Molina).

Does Democracy Create Its Own Values? (with Daron Acemoglu, Nicolas Ajzenman, Martin Fiszbein, and Carlos Molina).

Gay Attitudes in the Developing World – Pre-analysis Plan (with Christopher Carpenter, Mathias Dolls, and Lisa Windsteiger).

Mobile Internet Access and Migration Intentions: Global Evidence (with Panu Poutvaara and Joop Adema).

Banking on 3G (with Ralph De Haas and Orkun Saka).

Host Country Integration Policies and Attitudes Towards Refugees: A Global Evaluation (with Thomas Ginn).

Pre-PhD Publications

The Effects of Unemployment on Fertility: Evidence from England* | The B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy (2016) | DOI: 10.1515/bejeap-2014-0127

*This manuscript has been awarded as the winner of the “Best PhD Paper Prize” by the University of London, Royal Holloway

Policy Publications

Aksoy, C. G. (2016). “Life Satisfaction in the Transition Region”, EBRD “A Decade of Measuring Transition” Report, Chapter 1, pp. 10-22.
View Full Report

Aksoy, C. G. (2016). “Governance in the Transition Region”, EBRD “A Decade of Measuring Transition” Report, Chapter 2, pp. 26-37.
View Full Report

Aksoy, C. G. (2016). “Gender in the Transition Region”, EBRD “A Decade of Measuring Transition” Report, Chapter 3, pp. 40-49.
View Full Report