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On 16 March 2021, the UK government unveiled its vision for the UK’s role in the world over the next decade and beyond in its Integrated Review (IR) of Security, Defence, Development and Foreign Policy. The review dealt with all aspects of international and national security policy, including defence, diplomacy, development and national resilience. Taken together, these provide the first indication of how the current government might navigate the increasingly uncertain and dangerous post-Covid-19 world.

This panel will examine the IR and its wider implications for the European and international order from a range of different perspectives. Through the lens of their own academic research, panellists will discuss Britain’s future relationship with China and the EU, the outlook for inter-departmental strategic collaboration within Whitehall, and the role of artificial intelligence in future British national strategy.’


Chair: Dr Alessio Patalano, Reader in East Asian Warfare, Department of War Studies

  • Artificial Intelligence and techno-optimism in the UK Integrated Review - Dr Kenneth Payne, Reader in International Relations, Defence Studies Department
  • Shaping UK's China policy and filling the vacuum - Francesca Ghiretti, PhD Researcher, Department of War Studies
  • Reforming collective strategic capability - Ivanka Barzashka PhD Researcher and Co-Director of the King's Wargaming Network, Department of War Studies

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Alessio Patalano

Professor of War & Strategy in East Asia

Kenneth Payne

Professor of Strategy

Francesca Ghiretti

Research Assistant

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