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In a fast evolving security landscape in the Indo-Pacific, AUKUS represents a long-term investment into the ability to retain core capabilities for conventional deterrence and an opportunity to rethink cooperation in defence policy and industrial capacity among three trusted partners. For such opportunities to become a reality, it is essential to continuously review how the actions that are taken today to realise AUKUS’ potential tomorrow affect the future it aims to stabilise. How are the expectations around the risk of conflict in the Indo-Pacific shaping the implementation of this significant defence agreement? To what extent future macro trends are set in a way that they will not affect how AUKUS evolves? What do we need to think about to ensure the sustainability of AUKUS and its ability to deliver security over multiple decades? These questions inform an expert discussion on one of the most topical issues of today.


Dr Charles Edel, Australia Chair, CSIS, Washington, DC

Prof Peter Dean, Director, Foreign Policy and Defence, United States Studies Centre, University of Sydney

Prof Alessio Patalano, Co-Director Centre for Grand Strategy, King’s College London