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Please note: this event has passed

Self-isolation has allowed us to slow down and re-consider our environment, with limited making resources at home, we've enjoyed the challenge of designing a craft activity that is accessible to everyone in their home.

Izzy Parker-Nasir, installation artist and set designer

Can you see a tree from your window? Are you noticing the blossoms on your daily walk? Do you have a tree memory or story to share?  As we remain, for the most part, inside, The Exchange invites you to bring a bit of the outside into your home. 

Working with artist Izzy Parker, and inspired by the many benefits of trees. London based filmmaker Girafingo has directed an immersive short film to teach you how to make your own paper tree from recycled magazines. All you’ll need is some paper, scissors, and a piece of string. The trees have been designed to hang easily in your window. Why not invite a neighbour to join you, and form your own community forest? Trees are only as strong as those around them.

Watch this film to learn how to make your tree. You can also follow the easy step by step worksheet here

Online Event: About Trees: Known or Misunderstood? Join tree experts and artists via ZOOM on 1 May to find out more about trees. Bring your paper tree!

This event is in partnership with Take Time In and King’s Cultural Community. Follow and tag @kclsu and #taketimeinkcl

We would love to collect photos of your trees and your tree-making journey. Please email us with your tree and a short story, poem, or thought. You can also post on Instagram @exchangespacekcl. 

My take on trees is to see them as sources of multiple benefits, not just carbon sequestration – which is the current focus. Trees can provide shade, food…. timber for carpentry, building… and so many of our fairytales are based in forests – think Hansel & Gretel.

Dr Kate Schreckenberg, Geography Department

Izzy Parker-Nasir is an installation artist and set designer that creates emotive immersive environments. The relationship we have with our immediate environment is central to her practice. She champions creativity and making as an essential human need and believes that creative making can help us process difficult emotions and can contribute to positive mental health. She is a current Artist in residence in Dr Gemma Modinos’ lab in the IOPPN department at Kings College London. 

Since 2017 she has run her own set design consultancy at Izzy Parker Studios and co-founded film production company Girafingo with her husband Naveed Parker-Nasir working with a wide range of international clients including Apple Music, Liberty & Arts Council England. 

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