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Carbon Literacy Training

Bush House South East Wing, Strand Campus, London

04JunClimate & sustainability month (8)

Develop your knowledge of the climate crisis by taking the accredited and award-winning Carbon Literacy training delivered by King's Climate & Sustainability. The training is open to all King's staff and students.

Structured as an interactive and discussion-based session, the training covers the science and impacts of climate change, as well as specific actions you can implement to reduce emissions. Participants will be guided to make two pledges aimed at reducing emissions individually as well as collectively.

Upon completion of the course and fulfillment of the two pledges, participants will receive certification as Carbon Literate individuals. Certification fees are covered by King's Climate & Sustainability.

What is Carbon Literacy Training?

Carbon Literacy means being aware of the impact of everyday activities on the climate, knowing what steps can be taken to reduce emissions and why it’s important that we all take these steps.

Carbon Literacy Training is a day's worth of training, currently being offered face-to-face. King's offers Carbon Literacy Training for all students and staff, accredited (officially recognised) by the Carbon Literacy Project. Find out more.

What are the benefits of taking part?

  • The training is an engaging, interactive and fun way to learn about the climate crisis.
  • Participants will gain insights on how to engage with peers to foster individual and collective climate action.
  • Becoming Carbon Literate will allow participants to become part of a community dedicated to promoting sustainable living and working practices.
  • Participants will acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to reduce both personal and organisational carbon footprints.
  • Upon successful completion, participants will join over 85,000 Carbon Literate Citizens in the UK and beyond.
  • The officially recognised Carbon Literate certificate can be used to boost CVs and annual reviews.

How will the training be delivered?

  • The training will be conducted face-to-face on Strand Campus and delivered by King's Climate & Sustainability.
  • The course is interactive, so participants should be prepared to engage in discussions and activities.

What does the training include?

  • 1-2 hours of self-study before and after the session.
  • One 7-hour in-person session covering:
    • The Science of Climate Change (no prior science knowledge required)
    • Exploring Carbon Footprints
    • A Zero Carbon World
    • Our Wider Influence
    • Taking Action

Places are limited due to the interactive nature of the training.

Following completion of the training, you will get the opportunity to become a Carbon Literacy Facilitator to help spread the awareness and action across King's through a train-the-trainer model. Let's make change together!

This training is open to current King's staff and students only.

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