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CASCADE INQUIRY: Exploring hopeful climate futures

The Exchange, Strand Campus, London

8 Feb This is an image of the space where the Cascade Inquiry installation is installed. On the left half of the image is the installation, a propagation table with vegetation and lights hanging above it that create a purple and pink light. On the right half of Part of Climate & Sustainability Month February 2023


The Climate Crisis is real and urgent. Yet, it often feels too complex to comprehend, too amorphous to know what to act on, or how. What if there was a way to make the size and complexity of climate change tangible, relatable and specific? If we recognise that what we do matters, could we mobilise our collective capacity for necessary change?

CASCADE INQUIRY is an ambitious new initiative by Superflux that imagines future worlds where positive climate action has been taken.

Join us for a generative discussion

To celebrate the public launch of CASCADE INQUIRY, generously supported by King’s Culture, please join us from 6pm on February 8th for a generative discussion held at The Exchange, King’s College London.

The evening will be an opportunity for Superflux to share their internal research and the initiative’s future ambitions. There will follow a generative discussion to advance opportunities for positive collective action.

We are delighted to share a line up of experts from the social sciences, public policy and speculative design including:

  • Emily Kasriel (Chair), Head of Special Projects at the BBC World Service and Deep Listening pioneer.

  • Frans Berkhout, Professor of Environment, Society and Climate at King’s College London.

  • Suzanne Hall, Qualitative researcher and Director of Engagement at the Policy Institute, King’s College London.

  • Mark Pelling, Professor of Risk and Disaster Reduction; Research Impact Lead; Programme Leader - MRes Risk and Disaster Reduction at University College London.

  • Anab Jain, Co-founder and Director of Superflux; Professor of Design Investigations at the dieAngewandte, University of Applied Arts, Vienna.

Eschewing a traditional panel format, we encourage audience participation and collective inquiry. This open conversation will surface questions, insights and possibilities for us to develop our Inquiry further.

The next phases of CASCADE INQUIRY will knit the insights of scholars and scientific communities with under-represented community groups and policy makers. Superflux will develop and build immersive sites for these communities to seed their imagination through deep listening, scenario making and storytelling. It is through collectively imagining equitable and regenerative futures that we will be able to build those futures.

Climate & Sustainability Month February 2023

This event is part of Climate & Sustainability Month which takes place throughout February 2023. Find out more here.

At this event

Frans Berkhout

Frans Berkhout

Professor of Environment, Society, and Climate

Mark Pelling

Mark Pelling

Visiting Professor

Suzanne Hall

Suzanne Hall

Director of Engagement

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