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Care about fair work & wages, housing, migration and climate?

Join this House Meeting to learn about the campaigns London Citizens will be taking forward to the London Mayoral Election Assembly.

To learn more about our asks, you can read the London Citizens Manifesto.

Who are Citizens UK?

Citizens UK is the largest, most diverse and most effective people-powered alliance - bringing communities together to win change.

In 2019 King's became the first whole-university university strategic partner of Citizens UK joining the South London chapter, contributing to priority areas of our local council, from fair wages to addressing issues around loneliness and social isolation.

What is a House Meeting?

House Meetings are a community organising tool, used by Citizens UK to bring together people and organisations in order to build a better, fairer society. In this meeting, you will hear more about the Mayoral Assembly and the campaign issues that communities across South London will be addressed at the upcoming Mayoral Election Assembly.

The house meeting is opened to all staff and students across King's. 

What is the Mayoral Election Assembly?

The upcoming Mayoral Election Assembly will be taking place on Thursday 25th April, with Sadiq Khan, Susan Hall and 2000 people present. The assembly is used as a moment to present London Citizens’ key issues to Mayoral candidates and win change for Londoners who are often left out of decision making.

What to expect on 2nd April

In this online event, we'll be joined by a number of speakers who will provide you with an overview of the campaigns London Citizens will be taking forward to the Mayoral Election Assembly, and will create space for us to discuss this in more detail.

12.00 - Welcome and overview

12.15 - London Citizens - Campaign Issues (Housing, Climate, Work & Wages, Migration)

12.30 - Introduction to House Meetings

12.45- King's Commitment - Mayoral Election Assembly

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