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The concept of a company or brand ‘purpose’ has become a somewhat divisive term in business. Its promoters say that consumers today want to know more about the companies they deal with; they want to know what they stand for, their values, and what they do for society beyond their mere functional propositions. Purpose driven brands apparently perform better as a result of this focus and transparency. But its detractors argue that it is just another piece of corporate ‘puffery’ and many ostensibly purpose driven brands start to look decidedly inconsistent and less than transparent when looked at more closely. And consumers may also not be so bothered about purpose as many contend.

Chris Macleod, Director of Customer & Revenue at Transport for London (TfL) will review the use of the concept of ‘Purpose’ in marketing and business more generally, not only using the example of TfL but also looking at other brands and services, highlighting some good, as well as some less than good examples. He will talk about developing a meaningful purpose and how to deliver it through the business and in the market.

Chris Macleod joined Transport for London (TfL) in 2007 and is responsible for a diverse portfolio of marketing and customer programmes. His work ranges from promoting buses and tubes to improving the customer experience of all TfL services. In 2012 he oversaw the marketing of transport in London to help deliver a successful Olympic and Paralympic Games.

At the end of 2017 he became Customer Director, adding to his existing marketing responsibilities. He has helped TfL become a more customer focused organisation, establishing its ‘Every Journey matters’ promise.

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