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Open to King’s/LC Students only

This workshop will dive into the languages of Italian, French, and German opera, offering participants a deeper understanding of this classical art form. The session focuses on key expressions and themes such as ‘addio’ (farewell), 'Schönheit' (beauty), ‘rêves’ (dreams), and more, providing participants with insights into the emotional and thematic richness of opera lyrics. Through hands-on activities, attendees will learn to pronounce and sing some phrases, gaining an appreciation for their role in storytelling. We will also explore librettos, character development, and historical contexts, shedding light on the linguistic and cultural nuances of opera. Our workshop is carefully crafted to accommodate both opera beginners and amateurs. The workshop will be conducted in English.

Target audience: Language Module Stage 1- 7;Short Course Level 1- 7;PGO Beginners;PGO Intermediate;PGO Advanced;LAHP Beginner;LAHP Beginners Plus;LAHP Intermediate;LAHP Advanced;KBS Stage 1- 7;Introductory French;Introductory German;Introductory Spanish;Introductory Portuguese;Intermediate French;Intermediate German;Intermediate Spanish;Intermediate Portuguese;French 6 for Business;German 6 for Business;Spanish 6 for Business;all languages;


Convenor: Giulia Baronti

Please email if you have any access requirement.

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Giulia  Baronti

Lecturer in Italian Language Education

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