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Open to King’s/DTP/LC Students only

In this session, we'll explore the fascinating field of Digital Humanities in Literary Studies. Through the use of computational methods, we'll learn how to process, analyse, and derive insights from text data, uncovering patterns, trends, and relationships that traditional approaches may overlook.

Discover how data visualization plays a crucial role in understanding literary texts. By creating visual representations of data extracted from a literary work, we gain deeper insights into the texts and their cultural, historical, and artistic contexts.

Through hands-on exercises, you'll learn how to use digital tools like text analytics and natural language processing for both quantitative and qualitative analysis of literature. This workshop will empower you to develop innovative critical thinking skills and uncover new interpretations and findings.

Target audience:

  • DTP Beginner
  • DTP Beginners Plus
  • DTP Intermediate
  • DTP Advanced

Convenor(s): Alexandra Lourenço Dias

Please email if you have any access requirement.

At this event

Alexandra  Lourenço Dias

Camões Lecturer in Lusophone Studies

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