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Please note: this event has passed

For many of us, the impact of our research is what gets us out of bed in the morning. The tangible difference that our work in the IoPPN makes to individuals, society, clinical practice and the economy is truly remarkable. But impact isn’t always well defined and there are many types of impact which may differ depending on your area of research. REF impact case studies often dominate our perception of impact, but what of all the incremental work that can’t be captured in the limited word count of a REF case study? What of the impact that isn’t submitted to REF?

Hosted by Professor Sir Simon Wessely and Professor Matthew Hotopf, you will hear from a range of researchers from across the faculty about how they approach impact and have the chance to take part in an interactive session identifying how you can maximise the impact of your own research. You’ll also hear from Sally Marlow, Professor of Practice in the Public Understanding of Mental Health Research, Rob Patterson, Faculty Research Manager and our KCL Research Impact Lead Laura Yoshimoto Turpin.

There will also be an opportunity to network and connect with colleagues after the session.

This is an in-person event for academic and research staff and students conducting postgraduate research

Speakers include: Juliana Onwumere, Andrea Mechelli, Katie Long, James Rucker, Virginia Carter-Leno, Debbie Robson, Laura Yoshimoto Turpin, Deirdre McManus, Dag Aarsland, Vish Bhavsar, David Andersson, Claire Henderson, Gemma Knowles, Ros Moran, Tom Searle, Marta Di Forti

At this event

Juliana Onwumere

Reader in Clinical Psychology

Andrea Mechelli

Professor of Early Intervention in Mental Health

Katie Long

Research Fellow

James Rucker

Consultant Psychiatrist & Senior Clinical Lecturer

Virginia  Carter Leno

Postdoctoral Fellow

Debbie  Robson

Senior Lecturer in Tobacco Harm Reduction