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DANE 2024: Design and Analysis of Networked Experiments

Strand Campus, London


Design and analysis of networked experiments is a novel area of research which finds practical use in most research disciplines, medical trials and industrial settings that involve connected experimental units. This workshop brings together leading researchers of the field of design and analysis of networked experiments. The aim is to enable in-depth discussions and initiate synergies between two dominant philosophies in networked experiments, optimal design and causal inference.

This workshop is in person and it is open to academic and industrial researchers/practitioners in the areas of design and analysis of experiments, casual inference, combinatorics and networks.



Keynote speakers:

Dr Dean Eckles (MIT)

Dr Alexander Volfovsky (Duke University)

Professor Rosemary Bailey (University of St Andrews)

Dr Nathaniel Stevens (University of Waterloo)

 More details can be found here.



The workshop is funded by the International Centre for Mathematical Sciences and London Mathematical Society.

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This workshop is supported by the London Mathematical Society. LMS believes that all parents working in mathematics should be able to attend conferences/research meetings without being hindered by childcare costs and thereby administers a Childcare Supplementary Grant Scheme. Further information about this scheme can be found on the LMS website:

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Vasiliki Koutra

Lecturer in Statistics

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