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Seminar Title: Embedding nutrition research and education in a real-world setting: The potential of living laboratories in higher education

Speaker: Dr Rachel Gibson, Senior Lecturer in Nutrition & Dietetics 

Dr Rachel Gibson is a Registered Dietitian and Senior Lecturer in Nutrition and Dietetics at King's College London. Dr Gibson's research focuses on understanding how workplaces and employment practices impact diet and health. Dr Gibson is the Chair of the Workplace Diet and Health Special Interest Group for the Nutrition Society; she is also the Research Lead for the British Dietetic Association Work Ready Programme Steering Group and Education Officer for the British Dietetic Association Public Health Specialist Group Committee.


Universities provide a unique setting for multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research to develop innovative solutions to improve population and environmental health. A ‘Living Laboratory’ within ahigher education institution provides a valuable extension to the traditional research laboratory by providing a real world setting for staff, students and wider stakeholders to develop and test solutions to key research questions around food, health and sustainability. The presentation will cover what living laboratories are, their role in higher education and the opportunities to create a living laboratory with King's Food.The presentation will also outline the ongoing Education for Sustainability project: King's Food Living Laboratory: A feasibility project to develop student project capability in nutrition, food and sustainability research.

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Rachel  Gibson

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