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08:00 NY/ 13:00 UK/ 15:00 SA/ 16:00 EAT

Researchers must be attentive to the different dynamics of their research locations and be sensitive to the risks faced by all involved in their research. Because every conflict-affected environment has its own specific set of dynamics, and may therefore raise its own unique ethical questions, researchers must be reflexive, adaptive, and creative in dealing with such questions. They need to scrutinize the efficacy of their methods and make necessary recalibrations. What works best will vary from one context to the other.


Prof. Ismail Rashid, Professor of History at Vassar College, USA, and Research Mentor at the ALC


Nompilo Ndlovu, Post-Doctoral Fellow and adjunct lecturer at the University of Cape Town, South Africa, and ALC Alumna


Dr Eka Ikpe, ALC

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Director, African Leadership Centre