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Please note, this demonstration is only for King's students and staff.

Explore the fairness limitations of AI with MLighter. This exhibit showcases a tool designed to identify biases in machine learning algorithms, crucial for ensuring equitable outcomes in fields like medical diagnosis. Witness how stakeholders can actively engage in system evaluation, fostering inclusivity and ethical decision-making. Discover the potential of MLighter to revolutionize AI applications, prompting reflection on the responsibility of technology in shaping a fairer society.

This demonstration is being run by Dr Héctor D. Menendez.

Dr Héctor D. Menendez is currently a lecturer in Computer Science at King’s College London. He is a computer scientist (BSc, MSc and PhD) and a mathematician (BSc and MSc). He started working in machine learning during his PhD but, during his postdoc at University College London (UCL) under the mentorship of Dr. David Clark, he delved into the field of “Comprology”, with a primary focus on security, malware, diversity, and testing. He is a researcher, developer, and scientific disseminator. He is currently collaborating with multiple researchers worldwide contributing to four pivotal research domains: detecting vulnerabilities through LLMs, scaling mental health, validating AI-based diagnosis systems, and advancing the field of machine learning testing. As a developer, he is at the forefront of creating the MLigther system for holistically testing machine learning. Finally, and as a scientific disseminator, he is leading the initiative Endless Science, spreading wide scientific knowledge through video-papers in Youtube. This initiative reflects his commitment to making scientific information accessible and engaging to a broader audience.

This demo is in-person. Registration is not required.

This demo is part of the King's Festival of Artificial Intelligence, running from Tuesday 21 to Saturday 25 May 2024.

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Héctor Menendez

Lecturer in Computer Science (Programming and Software Engineering)

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