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Please note: this event has passed

***This event has now passed. You can view a recording above. 

About this event

Generative AI, and Large Language Models in particular, have taken the legal technology world by storm in a matter of months. How much is hype and how much will the legal profession change as a result? Opinions are varied, but very few anticipate that the impact will be insignificant.

This session will provide some insights into attitudes towards GenAI within in the legal profession and discuss how law firms could be affected by the growth of AI. We will also describe at a high level how the technology works, and how the Lexis approach differs to mitigate against bias and inaccuracy as well as ensuring the high levels of privacy and security required by legal practice. We will have a preview of the new Lexis+ AI tool and share some advice on how to approach Generative AI for legal work, including techniques for optimal prompting.


Karen Waldron, Director of Product Development

Image of Karen Waldron

Karen has almost 30 years’ experience in the legal publishing industry, including over 20 years of leading development on online services for legal professionals. During this time, she has led the launch of new products and services across different technology platforms, including Banking Law Direct, Lexis Library and Lexis PSL. She specialises in customer-centric, insight driven product development. Most recently, she led the team of Product Managers at Lexis Nexis in the launch of Lexis+ UK, a next generation product and platform with exciting new capabilities and plans to augment this with Generative AI tools in the coming months.

Jake Nelson, Senior Product Manager

Image of Jake Nelson

Jake is an attorney and senior product leader responsible for the integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities for LexisNexis products globally – including Lexis+ AI™. In 2022 alone, Jake collaborated with LexisNexis teams across 7 countries to develop 10+ AI-enabled product features, and laid the foundation for 20+ 2023 product features. Prior to LexisNexis, Jake worked for a wide range of companies and firms, including Baker McKenzie, PwC, and his own legal technology startup, Omnificent.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           



The event will be chaired by: 

Michael Butler, Director of the Professional Law Institute (PLI) and Senior Lecturer in Law, King's College London

with an introduction by:

Lloyd Gash, Senior Lecturer in Law, King's College London.

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At this event

Michael  Butler

Director of the Professional Law Institute (PLI) and Senior Lecturer in Law

Lloyd Gash

Senior Lecturer in Law

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