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This event is organised by Professor Sylvie Delacroix, Professor Richard Lehman and Dr Iain Marshall, and hosted by the the Centre for Data Futures.


Generative artificial intelligence challenges the familiar habits of "learned" professionals across every discipline. In law as in medicine, large language models have shown competencies that equal or outperform senior practitioners, offering startling possibilities that question our ability to conceive of future practice. The challenge is to think proactively so that the full capacity of these technologies for benefit can be realised and their capacity for harm can be contained. This meeting brings together leading thinkers and experienced practitioners to discuss how LLMs may affect the practice of medicine at grass roots level. We aim to create the outline of a broad agenda for research and discussion, focussing on primary medical care but with implications for professional practice in all contexts where individual practitioners are responsible for other individuals, with generative AI increasingly playing the role of a third party and expert informant.

Dr. Iain Marshall, Clinical Senior Lecturer in Population Health Sciences and South London GP, has been leading a study at King's College London which aims to evaluate the uses and harms of large language models (LLMs) in primary care. The research team also includes PhD candidate Hye Sun Yun, from Northeastern University, and Dr. Richard Lehman, from the University of Birmingham, who have been acting as supplementary supervisors shaping the direction of the research project, which is being conducted by MPH student, Patrick Wilson.

This research involves organizing semi-structured interviews with general practitioners and primary care providers across different settings to gain understanding of their perspectives using this new technology in healthcare. Hopefully this research will shed light on the safest ways to introduce and implement LLMs in primary care settings. It will also help identify common risks and shortcomings of this technology. Oftentimes, primary care clinics are limited by resources, funding or personnel, which puts a large burden on the medical staff. Proper usage of LLMs offers a potential solution to significantly improve clinic operations and reduce physician workload. At the meeting on July 15th preliminary data and findings from this study will be shared.

After the presentation there will be an opportunity for you to ask questions.


Professor Sylvie Delacroix
Professor Richard Lehman
Dr Iain Marshall

This event will be held online on MS Teams.

At this event

Sylvie Delacroix

Inaugural Jeff Price Chair in Digital Law and Director of the Centre for Data Futures

Iain Marshall

Clinical Senior Lecturer in Population Health Sciences