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How are care plans used in home care when working with people with dementia and their families?

Speaker: Pat Brown (Dementia UK Admiral Nurse; PhD student UCL)

Many people living with dementia choose to remain in their own homes, supported by homecare workers. The care that homecare workers provide is agreed and documented in a care plan, but no previous study has explored how the home care that is delivered in practice corresponds to the documented plan. Pat Brown will describe her recent analysis that compared 100 hours of observed care by home care workers, delivered to 17 people living with dementia, with the client’s respective care plan.

Research priorities in homecare for older people: A multi-stakeholder consultation

Speakers: Dr Gareth O’Rourke and Professor Bryony Beresford (both from the University of York)

Homecare is an essential element of the health and social care system in the UK but is relatively under researched compared to health care. There is a critical need to improve the evidence base for homecare and an important first step towards doing so is to consult relevant stakeholder groups about what they think are the research priorities. Dr Gareth O'Rourke and Professor Bryony Beresford of the Social Policy Research Unit at the University of York will describe the methods used in their recently completed multi-stakeholder consultation exercise and present the outcomes in the form of a prioritised list of topic areas.

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Pat Brown's presentation

Other materials from this event

Pat Brown's associated journal article (published Feb 2022):  Brown, P., Leverton, M., Burton, A., Harrison-Dening, K., Beresford-Dent, J., & Cooper, C. (2022) How does the delivery of paid home care compare to the care plan for clients living with dementia? Health & Social Care in the Community.

Gareth O’Rourke asks that anyone who is interested in viewing the slides to contact him directly. He is unable to make them public at the moment as they are in the process of publishing the findings.


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