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At the Forum in September

Dr Cat Forward, King’s College London: ‘SUPPORTED’ - Supporting, enabling and sustaining homecare workers to deliver end-of-life care: a multiple-methods community-based case study

Summary: The SUPPORTED study is an NIHR-funded study based in Hull, Bradford and Bromley. The team are currently interviewing those involved in home care work and those who work with them. The information from these interviews will be used to develop training and guidance to support home care workers in providing care for people living in their own homes towards the end of life. Dr Cat Forward will talk about the study so far, the next steps and how you can find out more about the study as it progresses. For those in the study sites, information will be given if you would like to get involved. Cat on Twitter.

Dr Mark Wilberforce, University of York: "Curious about Care?": Promoting values-based recruitment in the homecare of older people through Situational Judgement Tests

Summary: How can homecare organisations be satisfied that applicants to care jobs have the right values and attitudes for the role? Traditional interviews help to test a candidate’s suitability, but ‘values’ can be difficult to gauge, and subjective judgements can be biased. ‘Situational Judgement Tests’ can support recruitment by offering objective data. They work by presenting test-takers with a ‘critical incident’, in which a value is being tested, and asking what appropriate responses may be. This presentation introduces the 'Curious about Care' platform - an online quiz that helps evaluate candidate's fit to person-centred care - and provides an overview of the evidence that supports its early pilot stages. Mark on Twitter.


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